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Environmental Sciences students

New Environmental Sciences students (and some staff) enjoyed the top of Bald Hill in Corvallis during a recent OSU CONNECT week hike.

Math Camp students

MathCamp 2012 graduate students gathered for a dock tour.

Welcome to the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University, a leader in fundamental research on the Earth as a system, including the interaction of people and environment.

Our academic programs offer rigorous, science-based programs with opportunities to work with nationally and internationally respected researchers, to advance your own career, and to focus on interesting problems of societal importance. We are an honors college for the Earth sciences.

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Undergraduate Programs

Our high-quality programs take full advantage of the College's world-class research and out-of-classroom opportunities. Opportunities for research include Research Experience for Undergraduates or senior projects in state-of-the-art laboratories or in the field. Out-of-classroom opportunities vary by program and major. These might include field work for classes or international field trips with an interdisciplinary group of undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty advisors.

Undergraduate Certificates

Graduate Programs

CEOAS graduate programs challenge students to seek out new ideas and innovative approaches to the complex issues involved in studying the Earth as an integrated system. This includes conducting fundamental research on the atmospheric, biological, geological, geographic, and physical processes in the solid earth, ocean, and atmosphere. Graduate students also perform applied research on marine and natural resource management issues; exploring the relevant aspects of social sciences by providing insight into how social and earth sciences inform each other. We aim to help students realize their personal and professional goals through training and development of research, teaching, and professional skills.

We offer the following graduate programs:

Graduate Certificates

Research Opportunities and Funding

Campus and College Visits

We encourage graduate applicants to visit us if possible. In order to arrange a visit to Corvallis and OSU, and to meet CEOAS faculty and students, please email a current CV or resume, and a brief Statement of Interest to (student_advisor@coas.oregonstate.edu). The Statement of Interest should include a summary of the skills, knowledge and abilities you have or wish to obtain through graduate school and the subject you would like to research. In preparation for your visit, you may be asked to submit the following as available:

See Contact Us / Map - How to Get Here for maps and driving directions. Please check in with the receptionist just inside the CEOAS Administration Building upon your arrival.